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Oia White Cave

Welcome to Oia White Cave, a brand new villa encompassing the dream in Santorini. With all the comforts and warmth of a modern home, the villa promises an exceptional stay in the most photographed village of the island…and delivers 100% as promised! Enjoy supreme aesthetics in a cave-like villa, which embraces the typical architecture and takes it to a whole new level.

impressive design

Enjoy the spacious two-level villa with luxurious facilities, impressive design and uninterrupted sea views. Dip in the hot tub, indoors or outdoors, lay back and relax in the Hammam or sleep king-like on the comfortable, built-in bed on the romantic loft upstairs.

the epitome of romance

Gaze at the horizon far away and the splendid cobalt blue of the Aegean unveiled before you. And at sunset, it is time for the epitome of romance to unveil its magic. Sit tight and watch hundreds of colors overwhelming the sky, admiring this transcendental panorama from the most privileged point of view.

 luxury and comfort

This is a world of luxury and comfort beyond compare, a place celebrating the very essence of Santorini, a destination where dreams come alive. Join us at White Cave Oia for the most memorable stay of your life!


Oia White Cave is a brand new villa at the most picturesque village in Santorini. Built on the edge of a cliff, it provides spectacular views to the Aegean blue and the mesmerizing horizon as far as the eye can see.

The cave-like villa stretches in two levels and offers guests discreet and unpretentious luxury. It may accommodate up to four individuals, featuring a built-in double bed with impressive sea views at the loft and a sofa bed on the ground floor. Enjoying all the comforts of a modern home, Oia White Cave allows guests to invigorate and take in that special Theran vibe to the fullest.

Minimalistic still distinctive design, modern furniture and luxurious amenities compose the dream in Oia. The villa comes with an indoor hot tub, hammam and walk-in closet, since pampering knows no boundaries.

Outdoors, there is a terrace with absolutely breathtaking views to the sea and sky, the volcanic islets and the magnificent yet fierce caldera. Guests are welcome to plunge in the outdoor hot tub and gaze at the extraordinary scenery all around, feeling utterly relaxed…exactly how you should be feeling!

Welcome to Oia

…perhaps the most famous traditional settlement on the island of Santorini. World renowned for its majestic sunset and the hospitable locals, the dove-white buildings hanging from the cliffs and the breathtaking views to the imposing caldera, Oia stands proud in walking distance from the capital, Fira.


Yet, it maintains its serene and laid-back atmosphere and provides an exceptional retreat for those seeking to experience Santorini 100%.


Blue domed churches and whitewashed, cave-like buildings form a canvas, on which any painter would feel privileged to create. 

The landscapes are thrilling and the vistas are literally jaw-dropping. Overlooking the cobalt blue of the Aegean Sea and the small islets of the volcanic archipelago, travelers glimpse at Santorini magic right away. The aura is incredible, almost transcendental.


Wandering through the narrow, cobbled pathways is an experience on its own. Mingle with the islanders and get mementos at the souvenir shops, reminding everyone that you have visited this blessed place on Earth. And then, as the sun is going down to sleep, find yourself a lovely spot with a view to the panorama on its way. The sky gets filled with endless shades of red, pink, purple and orange, recreating a masterpiece that takes place daily. Everyone stops and just takes in this splendor, with eyes wide open and with hearts just skipping a beat or two.


Oia village is unlike any other destination in the world. Authentic and spectacular in its simplicity, genuinely emerged from dreams and fantasies. Lovely and true, Oia invites you to explore its true essence. Will you?


Relax with us and enjoy your stay 100% and more! At Oia White Cave, we are eager to turn your dreams into the most splendid reality. To that end, we have created an idyllic place to accommodate even the most discerning of guests. Comfort and luxury at their finest moment, through a wide array of facilities, services and amenities on offer!

Brand new

Cave-like architecture

Indoor & Outdoor Hot Tub


Walk-in closet

Modern furniture

Minimalistic aesthetics

Terrace with panoramic view

Accommodating up to 4 individuals

Two-level villa

Interior staircase leading to the loft

Built-in double bed

Ample sofa bed

Hidden lighting

Free Wi-Fi

Flat screen TV


Concierge Service



We love seeing you smile! Just let us know what we can do for you…